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Taxes & Reading

Mine aren’t done – anyone wanna come do mine? :P

Reading wise … I’ve read some ok books, nothing great … and do >.> maybe? hope to actually update Goodreads although I’d have to go back to January and remember things so that seems unlikely… :X

I did get a paperwhite about a month or so ago – it was on sale (first time ever?!) and because of Swagbucks I got it for free :D … but I read a kindle…

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Birthday Girl Isobel Carr!

Birthday Girl Isobel Carr! 

Hello! Birthday! Fun! Fabulous Isobel Carr! Rest! Wonder!

World Building isn’t just for Fantasy novels …

Ripe for SeductionOne of my favorite aspects of writing historical fiction is also one of the most challenging: crafting a world that’s steeped in historical detail but still accessible to a modern reader. Creating a believable historical world is every bit as challenging in my opinion as creating a fantasy…

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Tell Me Something Good

Tell Me Something Good

So my day was spent … well, as a day, but then with lots of driving (on my part, which made it worse), being bilked at a spa (nobody wants a Lime Kahlo), and then … extremely awkward social interaction for hours (hours)… and this headache that has been with me for days. Which is so bad I kinda feel like I’m going to vomit. >.> I know you all wanted to know.

So what I want to know is – what is the…

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What’re You Reading?

What’re You Reading?

Not that I’m procrastinating or anything, or wishing one of you would come and stab me in the head … Of course not. >.>

I am curious though. What’ve you been reading? Anything good?

I finished Unwound by Lorelie James, and Sinners at the Altarby Olivia Cunning. I liked the first more than the second… but I won’t talk about the book because *fingers crossed* I’ll be doing a review for it for the…

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Teaser Tuesday Thoughts

Hello my precious ones! You know I love getting feedback from you – so here’s what I’m thinking. Do you ever have requests on books that you want to see an exclusive excerpt of? I’d love to hear what you think – if there’s anything you’re looking forward to, something that I can help provide?

And in the meantime >.> while you’re waiting for me to get everything else posted… you can distract…

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Guest Author & A Giveaway: Ruthie Knox

Guest Author & A Giveaway: Ruthie Knox

My dears, it is April. I am not ok with this. I need a pause and rewind button. But! No pausing or rewinding today – we’re barreling forward with Ruthie Knox! She’s here, and she chose to do an author interview, and we’re excited about that! Whoo! Yes! ;)

Really she’ll be much more entertaining – so here you go.

Roman Holiday: The Complete Adventure1. Your next life you come back as a dog. What breed do you come back as and why?

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Birthday Girl Megan Hart!

Birthday Girl Megan Hart! 

Hello hello hello! As you see today is Megan Hart’s birthday! I love birthdays! And Megan Hart isn’t bad either. ;) She’s a fabulous writer – and I’m so excited she’s visiting with us on her special day. Whoo! Everyone give Megan a warm welcome and remember to wish her the best birthday evaaaahhhhh! And in true awesome ALBTALBS guest and birthday form – Ms. Hart is giving you(well, one of you) a…

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Teaser Tuesday Exclusive Excerpt: Between the Devil and Ian Eversea by Julie Anne Long

Teaser Tuesday Exclusive Excerpt: Between the Devil and Ian Eversea by Julie Anne Long

Hello doves! I know I have to respond to … so much. Which will be a good distraction to not scratching my face off. (As in, I’m tempted to but know I shouldn’t.) >.> Ahem. Anyway, Julie Anne Longwas fantabulous and stepped in with an exclusive excerpt – she did say “I’m not privy to what’s being shared on my blog tour.” So this might potentially be posted elsewhere… BUT for now, it’s exclusive…

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Updates, Apologies, TMI, & Ramblings on Happy Endings

Updates, Apologies, TMI, & Ramblings on Happy Endings

Really, the subject covers it all. Obviously you see updates haven’t been happening. I am sorry about that. Please accept my apologies. One reason is … well, general illness. I spent the majority of today just trying not to throw up. (There’s the TMI).

Now for the rambling. Have I ever mentioned that while I read romance exclusively, my other entertainment aspects are more varied? In fact, I…

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Exclusive Excerpt: My Lady, My Lord by Katharine Ashe

Exclusive Excerpt: My Lady, My Lord by Katharine Ashe

Surprise! It’s Saturday >.> (yes, yes it is) and despite it not being Tuesday, we have an exclusive excerpt from the fabulous Katharine Ashe! I absolutely adored I Married the Duke, so I’m really excited to hear about this new romance. (And that twist – who wants to vet it for me? :D)

Book #1 in a new series of historical romances… with a twist.

My Lady, My LordThe Bluestocking

Lady Corinna Mowbray has three…

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